We aim to be innovative, environmentally friendly and future-oriented

BraCom is a telecommunications company started in 2019 with solid and long-term owners with a competent management who possesses extensive experience in the industry.

BraCom takes an offensive stance and will become an important key player within a rapidly growing fiber marked. A goal is to reach up to 20 employees at the end of 2021. Simultaneously, we are forming expertise to position ourselves for the future of telecommunication and 5G.

Bracom's vision is to become an industrial and innovative key partner that is able to reduce the time and costs for our customers, through professional project management, comprehensive production management and a proactive and innovative working methods.

Our values

Quality assured
production management
response time


Erling-Geir Iversen

Bachelor of Business Administration with broad industry experience. Erling-Geir has a long and varied management experience from a number of industries. In addition, he has worked as a consultant for several years. Comes now from the role of Development Director at Relacom / OneCo. Started BraCom in 2019 with a vision to streamline the telecom industry by cutting time and cost.


Hans Jørgen Bergum

Engineer and business economist with over 30 years of experience in the telecom industry. Hans Jørgen has a background as a field engineer, project manager and planner. Furthermore, for a number of years he has been a leader at various levels in Telenor and later Relacom. Comes from the role of head of the Production Support Unit in the Development division of Relacom / OneCo.


Cooperative partners