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Project management

We take overall responsibility and manage the value chain with our strategic partners.

Our services

Initially, we establish ourselves in the fiber market, where we can see synergies across the private and corporate markets - both in terms of production logic and expertise.


Our employees need to master several disciplines that will require investment in training and competence. This gives us a dynamic capacity where we can manage the resources according to market demand.


Both our project model for FTTH and our concept for Production Management of FTTB and FTTH are based on a central overall management combined with operational project implementation managed by our own local resources.


We will establish a sustainable cooperation with subcontractors (UE) to ensure capacity, quality and reliability. UE needs predictability in order to succeed, and we believe this is best practised with some defined long-term and talented partners.

BraCom will emerge as a development partner, where we:

  • digitalise production and interface for our customers

  • are quick in our response

  • quality assures the end customer experiences for the work done

The aim from this will provide faster and more cost-effective project development.

Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH)

We believe the next "generation" of industrialization of the private market (FTTH) will focus on reducing the project's completion in order to increase volume and revenue for infrastructure owners.

First generation industrialization of FTTH Production was established through the introduction of the area plans which aimed to give the contractors better conditions for economies of scale and thus lower customer prices.


To implement the next generation of industrialization, concepts must be established that aim to reduce the norm time through active bottleneck management in order to reduce the idle time in the value chain.


By focusing on the most important bottlenecks (often three party relationship / construction) will provide the foundation for a sound risk management of the projects. We have systematized a project management concept for monitoring, and procedures for bottleneck management. Together with our UEs, which are managed by our local project managers - we carry out the work, where through our methodology and proactive focus minimises the waiting time in the value chain.

At BraCom, we want to establish such management early on, to strengthen customer decision-making and to facilitate the most efficient project execution and production.


Fiber-to-the-Business (FTTB)

Fiber for the corporate market is growing rapidly. Ongoing demand is high, while the infrastructure owners will carry out increasingly controlled and proactive sales.


This growth will continue for several years and BraCom has developed concepts to deal with this for our customers. The common denominator for our concepts is central planning, comprehensive governance and close follow-up throughout the value chain. The goal is a higher production volume, shorter lead times and less moving dates.

An important prerequisite for success in increasing reactive sales is to identify all areas that represent a risk of reduced production volume / volume leakage. We have systematised these areas, developed a checklist concept for monitoring, and routines for monitoring them. Together with our UEs, which are managed by our local project managers - we carry out the work, where through our methodology and proactive focus have minimised obstacles that traditionally reduce the volume produced.

Proactive production of FTTB has many similarities to traditional development projects for the private market. At BraCom, we want to control the production of this company according to these principles. This means central planning, planning / design, documentation and implementation in close collaboration with our UEs. In this type of production it is important to lead, manage and organise the projects elegantly and efficiently so that we can produce large volumes.